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Mike Oldfield University

Ever wonder exactly how Tubular Bells or Ommadawn is structured? Or whether In Dulci Jubilo have lyrics in "the real world"? Or maybe how to play the CD-ROM part of The Songs Of Distant Earth, not on a Mac, but on a PC? All of this knowledge seems to have a common characteristic - it's a bit on the fringe of "true" Mike Oldfield knowledge. Some will find it a bit too obscure - some will find it mildly boring - and some will find, it's just what they've been looking for. It you belong to the last group, I welcome you to the Mike Oldfield University - meant for those who just can't live without that extra little bit of information, hard to get by and hard to understand and use. Choose from the menu above.

(For the tougher questions about Mike Oldfield, not answered here, please refer to your nearest Oldfield Guru.)

The University is meant to have one more characteristic - it's open for contributions. So if you have just the thing for this forum, and can convince the webmaster, that this is so, your page can appear here.

On the right I have included the logo for the original design of this page. Logo kindly produced by Octavio Molano. Thanks for the help!

Honorable mention

A forum about lyrics and translations.
Discography, made available by the Amarok mailing list - all sorts of good stuff.
Discography, by Richard Carter. Again, all sorts of good stuff.

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